Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are You Ready?

My wife and I were talking this winter about how would we have survived if we had been born in the time of our grandparents. The struggles they endured without the modern conveniences we have taken for granted. Who has not fantasized about what it would have been like to live in a different age? My wife has often said that she felt that God has blessed her to live in the most exiting age of all time. Watching prophecy unfold into reality before our very eyes.

The scriptures tell us that God knew us before we were born, that He formed us in the womb. As we were talking about this, this evening it seemed as God spoke to me. Not only did He know me as I was being formed, He selected each of us for this time. The Bible tells us that as we walk in faith, God Himself will place our footsteps. It is no accident that we live and work where we do. As we have been faithful He has placed each of us where are today.

In my prayer time and Bible reading, I have felt a growing urgency to get ready. The purpose the Lord has for my life is preparing to unfold. I have often wondered at the miraculous interventions in my life in times of danger. How God has preserved me and shown His hand as He intervened in circumstances that most likely would have resulted in my death. He has shown me that He has preserved me for His purpose. He has staked His claim on me as I have trusted my life to Him. HE knew me before I was born. He placed each of us in this time in history. We were born for today. Are we ready?

I believe the Lord is putting the last pieces of the puzzle in place. Each of His people are where He has placed us. He has a job for us to do as the closing act takes the stage. He is calling His own to get ready for the grand finale. Get ready. It is no accident where we live and work. It is no accident what school or job we go to daily. It is no accident where we shop, work or play. It is no accident, for the Bible tells us that God directs the steps of His faithful. Get ready.

As the stage is set for the final act, those who are ready will be called for the finale. Those who do not heed the call will be thrust aside, for God’s plan will go forward, lead follow or get out of the way. I believe the Lord is calling His own to get ready. Our Lord and Savior has His plan set for the final act. Get ready. Don’t miss the call. Cast off the cares of this world and get ready. Be ready to give cause for the faith we have in Christ. Draw nearer to Him. Listen for His voice. Our Sovereign God will complete His plan, and I believe that if we miss the call we will be replaced at this final act, for His plan will go forward. Are you ready?

Simply walking in faith,

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