Monday, March 29, 2010

Standing On Our Rights

... And Knowing what they are
Part II

Three or four generations ago, many believed that our government was a moral and upright government. Many felt that government was the means by which morality would be enforced. The church failed to teach Biblical citizenship. Charity is the responsibility of the church made up of its members, Equal rights is a Biblical foundation regardless of skin color or gender yet the church subjugated women to second class citizens. If a Christian society had stood with their neighbors in times of need, the dust bowl, the depression, then socialist government programs would never have been. The "church" didn't educate its members. Many churches preached opinions based on incomplete Bible quotes that were narrow and often selfish in its presentation. Some even twisted scriptures to keep blacks subjugated into slavery. The "church" failed. People rebelled against the church and turned to the government to fix the ills of society.

When those who are waking up begin to see that the government has repeated the same tendencies of the church in it's "interpretation" of the Constitution, they want to take America back. Fully three generations of people who have rebelled against the church and all things Biblical loudly say "NO!" They do not want to go back. I believe the Bible tells us we cannot go back. All that is happening in the world today is told of in Scripture.

Those of us who believe in God and His word in Scripture must go back to the basics. While we still have a few of our "rights", we must spread the good news without fear of being persecuted for soon we will be persecuted and must not fear. We must prepare by reading our Bibles ourselves. By praying, by preparing, by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other hope in this world. Our government is nothing more than what the people have wanted, without Biblical morals, in complete rebellion of even the law. We can and should stand against corruption and immoral government. We must vote our conscience. However we will not change this government. The Scriptures tell us that the governments to come will be completely evil. We have only one hope. Jesus Christ.

Without a moral society, this government will not work. John Adams knew this. Organized religion has failed in it's prime directive, to spread the good news of Christ's soon return for His followers. As followers of Christ, it falls upon each of us to read ALL of our Bibles, Pray, and spread the news. Quit using scripture to beat others into submission, instead us the scriptures first as a mirror, and second as a step to help others up towards the Father through Christ. Prepare to help your neighbor in times of trouble, feed them, shelter them, and clothe them. Tell them it is the Lord that has brought them hope, help and salvation through the cross. Tell them He lives and is reaching out to them today with the same hope, help, and salvation. Time is short.

Simply walking in faith, Ray

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