Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Closing Act

The Scriptures warn of how life will be as the end of this age draws to a close. In the book of Revelation it warns how if these times are not shortened even the elect would fall. Some say that refers to those who come to the Lord after the rapture and others say it speaks to now. In either case I think the Bible is clear. We are living at the end of this age.

I have become so disillusioned with the "church". Very few in my area seem willing to address what I feel should be screamed from the rooftops. Repent!! The Lord is returning soon and is even at the door. Christians should be focused on two things, Get right with the Lord and reaching the lost. This should be the urgent message to all.

I listen with huge disappointment to Christian media and I cannot believe the time and money spent to bring messages of everything from seeking God's blessings (money) to weight loss. Selling self-help books on Christian living and trying to understand your child and how to manage your money, and how to get out of debt. The list goes on and yet the answers are all in the book, the Bible!

Where is the fire? Where are the leaders who preach salvation and admonishment and lead Bible studies on serving the Lord and living for Christ? All the answers to life's questions are in the scriptures.

It is no wonder that a so-called Christian nation has voted into office a government that stands in complete rebellion of everything Jesus stands for. But the Bible foretold all that is happening now. The hard times that await this country have to come to pass for the antichrist, that is waiting in the wings, to appear on the world's stage. The Bible tells how mankind will wax worse and worse, lovers of self, liars and adulterers. Having a form of Godliness without believing the power thereof. The scriptures are clear that the entire world will come against Israel. This nation, until now, has always stood in defense of the nation of Israel; but that stand has been steadily withdrawn for more than a decade until we now have a government that opposes Israel.

Wake up people! We are NOT going to change Washington. As Christians we may be fortunate enough to escape the total collapse of the United States, but we will not change it. Christians need to focus on our primary cause. Reaching the lost for Christ. This should be our only focus, no DRIVE, in life. The church should be screaming at the top of its collective lungs to get the Love of Christ out there to the lost souls of this world.

Yes, feeding the hungry, clothes for the needy, these are all part of showing the Love of Christ to a lost world. Losing weight, understanding your teenager and living in prosperity are not. The proper way to raise children and care for the temple and manage finances is all in God's Holy word. Buying more and more self help books is a waste of the resources God Blessed us with when people around the world are stepping into eternity every day without the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

There is one book with all the answers to life's problems. It does not need rewording, repackaging, or costly seminars to understand it. Read God's word with a sincere heart for hearing God's will for our lives is all it takes. $30 for a good Bible and a pastor who is on fire for the Lord and not afraid to lead according to God's word and you have all you need in the self-help category.

On that day when I see Jesus, I want to hear Him say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter now into the rest of your Lord". Do you want also to hear Him say this to you? Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this is the time for which we were born. Join me now and let's work the harvest. A Holy harvest for our Lord and Savior. Now is the time and the workers are few. Let's reach out in His love proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Simply walking in faith, Ray

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