Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful World

As I was driving to the farm to feed the cattle I became engrossed in just how beautiful everything around me appeared. The sky was so blue and clear, even if there we a few cotton ball clouds floating by. The fields were a lush green, swaying gentle in the spring breeze. The trees ran the spectrum for the color green, new life of each tree was making itself known to the world. Oh, how beautiful everything God allowed me to see.

Earlier this morning all of nature received a good bath, removing all the dust and dirt from the plans and even from the air. I had sat this morning thinking what a terrible day this would be; rainy and dreary. I know we need rain from time to time but I have things to do that require dry ground. I am sure glad I had to feed today. From a sullen somewhat depressed spirit I was elevated to a spirit of wonder and praise of God.

As I continued to the farm my thoughts moved from the beauty of our world today to the beauty of the Garden of Eden. Yes, I can only imagine but I am blessed with the ability to imagine, dream and visualize. I am very sure that Adam’s home was far more beautiful than our world today. I could see Adam and Eve strolling down a path of that garden conversing with God. I could hear the birds sing; I could see the animals stop to greet their creator and God drew near. The gentle breeze caressed all it touched and the fragrance of the many flowers travels in that stream of air. Oh, what a beautiful garden must have made for our grandparents.

I was in a dream world as I drove and that led me to think of Heaven. I recalled the description of the New Jerusalem recorded by John in Revelation; how majestic, how awesome. Then the other side popped up and I realized this is only a human description and not really as it will be. We are told that it has even entered in to the mind of man what God has prepared for us. Yes. I have been told it has not entered in the mind of man but my mind has to try to fathom the splendor that waits. All thoughts of what it might really be are useless since I am limited to the knowledge I have acquired throughout life and wasn’t blessed with a ‘new revelation’.

Yes we have an awesome world filled with the beauty of God’s creation but it was once much more beautiful. With that thought I was convicted of my sins that have contaminated this world. I immediately asked God for forgiveness for all the wrong I have done and particularly all I have done to diminish the beauty of earth. My forgiveness received I was led to ask forgiveness for all of mankind in regard to our lack of stewardship of God’s world. I believe all was placed here for our use and pleasure but it wasn’t given us to waste or abuse.

I am not really sure the point of all this might be but I feel, deep within my heart, that we should take a few moments and appreciate the wonder of all that is around us. We should take time to express our thanks to our Creator and the Creator of all the beauty we behold. We should strive to use wisely and not from a sense that this is here because we have a right to use it or deserve it. All that I saw as I drove, I considered a blessing and I thank God for giving me the ability to see it and secondly the spirit to appreciate it and be thankful for it.

God thank you for the rain you sent earlier to wash away all that contaminated your world and thank you for opening my eyes and heart to see all your hands have made. Thank you for lifting my spirit and for riding with me as I went to feed. Amen.

Spreading His Word,

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