Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Does God Have Faith In You?

Silly concept, ridiculous idea may be your response and that maybe accurate but it is a thought that entered my mind. I am sure the Holy Spirit placed this in my brain to be mulled over and to instruct me and to lead me to a greater knowledge of God.

We often hear people make comments concerning their faith and trust in another person. They may say such things as, “I have complete faith in John, and he is so dependable and always honest in all he does. I am sure he would be very trustworthy in this situation.” The opposite is also true. People respond with distrust about certain people. Their opinion is based on observed or ‘hear say’ evidence. If God does have faith in people, he might have faith in the first but it is very doubtful if He would in the second.

I haven’t found a direct reference in the Bible where God states that He has faith in some person. In a sense he did express confidence in Job. Job was an honorable man and is spoken of very highly in the Bible. Some of the characteristics of Job mentioned in the book bearing his name included: Job was said to be perfect. This means that Job was obedient to God and did as he was instructed to do. Job feared God. Job had a proper and healthy concept and respect for God. He reverenced God. Job avoided evil: Job avoided even the opportunity to do evil. We are not told Job was sinless but that he avoided sin to the best of his ability. Job was a family man: Job had a wife and seven sons and three daughters. Job was active in their lives and taught them in spiritual matters. Job was a businessman that was very successful. And lastly, Job was respected by his peers.

Job is our example of one of God’s children that He had faith in. Job had strong credentials to fulfill this place of trust with God. Makes me wonder if I come remotely close to such a place of faith. Let’s eavesdrop on conversations in heaven and see how God allowed Job to show his makeup to the world and particularly to Satan.

It seems from this story of Job that the angels had the practice of reporting to God from time to time. Remember Satan was once the angel Lucifer. It is the time for the angels to report and it is Satan’s turn to speak with God. God asks Satan what he has been doing to which Satan response that he has been traveling over the earth. God then brings up Job; he asks Satan if he has considered Job. God speaks highly of Job. Now it is Satan’s turn to respond and he does so by asking the question, ‘Does Job fear God without a cause? Have you not protected him and blessed him abundantly?’ Satan makes a wager with God: “Put forth your hand a touch all Job has and he will curse you.”

The gauntlet has been thrown down and God gives Satan permission to touch all he has but not to touch Job physically. Round one of the fight has begun. Satan hurries for the throne room of God and goes directly to Job and begins to take away all he has. If you have ever though you have had it bad; think on what happened to Job. Job first loses his oxen, then his sheep, followed by his camels. His final loss was the sudden death of his seven sons and three daughters. Now hear this: after all this, Job rent his clothes, shaved his head and fell to the earth and worshipped. Not a foolish charge brought against God; Job simply remained without sin throughout this ordeal.

A frustrated, upset Satan returns to God to up the stakes. His first boast had been wrong but he was confident that his next approach would bring the desired results. God agrees to allow Satan access to Job’s body and to inflict him with painful boils. Even with the loss of all material blessings and the loss of his health, Job continued to praise God.

Now back to the original question about God having faith in you. If Satan approached God would God ever consider bringing your name before Satan for such a test? I am sure this testing has happened at other times. Would you be as understand and keep your focus and allegiance on God as all you have and your health disappeared?

I have evaluated myself as I have been typing this and to my shame I find that I would probably fail such a test. An even worse problem is that God would never consider me for such a test. I don’t think it would be recorded of me that I am perfect, or that I have the proper reverence for God or that I always avoid evil. Yes, I have a family and I am a businessman; and for the most part, I am respected by my peers. It is sad to be at this stage in my life and have to honestly grade myself as failing the requirements for a test like this from God. Maybe I have spent too much of my life concentrating on those that speak of relationship with people. Maybe my reputation with man is more than my reputation with God. Does God have faith in you? This is your question to answer.

Spreading His Word, Don

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